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Ep 06 - Broken Mirror

Ep 06 - Broken Mirror

We're back from break!  On this episode of A Voice From Darkness we introduce two new segments - National Alerts and Quick Questions. You'll hear about ongoing supernatural problems across the country, and Dr. Ryder will now answer your questions via email at avoicefromdarkness@gmail.com or twitter @vfdarkness on the show. So feel free to write us. We also get a conclusion to Mike from Kansas's mirror leech problem. Listen to his previous voicemails here and here. Kristin Holland as Dr. Malcolm Ryder Adam Carrizales as Mike If you enjoy Kristin's performance and want to hear more from him - check out his podcast Nocturnal Transmissions - where he narrates some of the best classic and modern horror fiction. TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE HERE. Written & produced by Jac Rhys Show artwork by Trevin Wyant Follow us on: Twitter: @vfdarkness Instagram: vfdarkness Enjoy our show? Please consider rating and reviewing us or sharing our show with others. Thanks!

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