Princess Mononoke | Movie Review

Princess Mononoke | Movie Review

Never anger a demigod's daughter! Join Alex and Jon for another spoiler-free movie review, this time taking a look at Studio Ghibli's 1997 film Princess Mononoke. Listen and watch here: YouTube → SoundCloud → Spotify → Apple Podcasts → BitChute → Twitch → Keep up with what we’re doing here: Discord → Facebook Page → Twitter → Website → Email us → Like what you hear and see? Donate some NEETbucks to help us cover our yearly hosting costs. → The intro song and outro song is “Invincible” by Deaf Kev, provided by NCS. Check out the full song here! Follow Deaf Kev below! SoundCloud: Facebook: YouTube: Thumbnails created by → Mascot and avatars designed by →

Duration: 31 min

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