Vanessa Scotto and Brooke Thomas

Ep 144: Or Maybe You're Perceiving Something Accurately?

Ep 144: Or Maybe You're Perceiving Something Accurately?

Today we are talking about how ingrained the impulse can be to always automatically look at “What is it about me? What am I doing wrong? What do I need to heal? What’s wrong with me that I am... being judgy, feeling angry, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?” Are these feelings a signal that there is yet more material we need to heal so that we can always be “better” at tolerating things? Or are there perhaps things that we are accurately perceiving are out of alignment for us, or are taxing or overburdening us? In this episode we talk about: - How we can begin to notice if we are always scanning ourselves internally with the intent of figuring out “What’s wrong with me?” - How we can then learn to turn our attention to our outer world and see honestly what we the things are that are just genuinely not a good fit for us. - What conflict avoidance has to do with the pattern of always making it about how we need to heal ourselves. - How we may be imagining that our path will lead us to being the kind of people who become reaction and/or preference-free. - Both the genius and the pitfalls of being adaptable.

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