Vanessa Scotto and Brooke Thomas

Ep 145: When Change Comes to Something You Love

Ep 145:  When Change Comes to Something You Love

*This episode contains upcoming changes to the format of Bliss + Grit. Please tune in to stay up to date. It’s different to change to get out of pain then it is to change out of an intuition or a new vision. In this weeks episode we’re exploring meeting change and transformation, and most specifically, what happens when something you love changes; when rather than moving away from something painful, you’re getting the internal signal to change something you love or have valued in the past. This conversation is arising out of a recent process of change we are having with Bliss + Grit, but holds so much relevance to the conversation of transformation at large since one of the primary fears that can arise in an unfolding process is the fear of losing something or someone we value. Together we explore the new change that has presented itself for Bliss+Grit, how we navigated that, how we’ve met other changes in our lives like divorce, and how we can hold ourselves as we go through the process of transformation. For more information on Bliss + Grit, or on hosts Brooke Thomas and Vanessa Scotto, please go to where you can find episode resources, information about coaching sessions and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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