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Ep 146: The Deep Heart with John Prendergast

Ep 146: The Deep Heart with John Prendergast

Today we are speaking with our special guest John Prendergast. This is our second time speaking with him to our great delight. John beautifully integrates the awakening path with psychotherapy. He is a licensed Therapist,and a former adjunct professor of psychology at CIIS. He is also the author of two books, today we are talking with him about his most recent book. The Deep Heart. We talk all about what he means by this phrase “the deep heart” and what can happen when we are able to land there and experience it. We get into themes around developmental trauma, how we meet the existential emotions like loneliness and grief, and important themes around how we are able to experience safety as we open. You can find more of John's work at

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