Vanessa Scotto and Brooke Thomas

Ep 147: From Codependence to Interdependence

Ep 147: From Codependence to Interdependence

Co-dependency has been such a big pattern for both of us that we’re back again deepening our conversation on the differences between co-dependency and interdependency. Meaning, what would an end to co-dependence look like in relationships? The pictures we can receive about what it means to heal co-dependency can be someone who does not empathize and is not moved into service by the suffering of others. This couldn't be farther from the reality of empathic souls. Of course we care when people suffer, and of course we want to help- often it’s genuinely loving to offer our support. All of this is to say that there is no formulaic answer, it’s more about bringing awareness, attunement and discernment to our relationships. However, we do have some tips to offer based on our experience that can help you gain insight into when you’re interdependent vs codependent. Join us as we explore our own shifts away from co-dependent patterns and all that can arise as we open our hearts in relationship to others. For more information on Bliss + Grit, or on the hosts Brooke Thomas and Vanessa Scotto, please go to, where you can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Join us on instagram at @blissandgritpodcast

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