Physical Body. How to connect with it. Why it is important to understand it for your spiritual growth.

Physical Body. How to connect with it. Why it is important to understand it for your spiritual growth.

This episode is all about the physical body from the spiritual perspective. We will talk about topics like "What does it mean to be healthy", "How to connect with your physical body", " Have people ever were connected to their physical bodies", etc. 1:00 What is a physical body?2:40 How to inspect your body with the inner vision3:20 In what cases you need a complete body scan5:30 Why it is so bad to avoid your pain with the help of the painkillers7:00 What is your pain trying to tell you?7:50 Facing pain is the first step to healing8:40 An exercise. How to talk to your pain12:40 Ancestral pain13:54 Pain is not the only signal. You don't have to go to the state of pain14:20 Signs of disbalance before the pain starts manifesting12:30 Our bodies is our the best ally.23:00 What does your body expect from your?25:00 Additional information about the body scan technique that will allow you to go deeper.32:00 Techniques that can bring you to the most optimal state of health:32:10 First technique36:25 Second technique57:20 Why going to a healer will not solve your root cause issue but can buy you some time to find and fix it. (Where are healers that can help you to understand the lesson and in this case the healing can be instant or you learned the lesson on your own and you go to a healer to accelerate the physical body healing).1:02:50 The source of pain and disease1:06:30 Planetary diseases right now (anxiety, depression, stress) and how much time the planet needs to heal them.1:07:20 Sources of disease on the planetary level and their percentages from the population.1:10:15 Why is everybody so sick on this planet?1:11:15 Healing of the humanity starts with the understanding of their bodies1:14:40 Biohacking and why it is harmful for your bodyPlease enjoy!***If you enjoyed the podcast, would you please consider living a short review on Apple Podcasts? It will help us to spread the word and bring more light to this world.You can also help us with upcoming episodes. Leave a review and ask a question; this question can become a topic for our next episode. We encourage you to think about a question that can be important for as big audience as possible.***Follow us:Facebook:

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