BORYANA -Recorded live at Club Mania, Bulgaria (17 Aug 2012)

BORYANA -Recorded live at Club Mania, Bulgaria (17 Aug 2012)

Boryana is undoubtedly one of the most exciting DJs to emerge from the Bulgarian electronic scene; in a short space of time she has relentlessly carved out an impressive reputation as a genuine rising star with an abundance of talent and raw appeal. As a fun-loving, non-stopping, party rocking, full-on creature of the night, Boryana should be the Bulgarian translation for good times. Her unique brand of underground dance music is as cutting edge as it is seductive, an intricate and hypnotic blend of precise micro grooves, stripped-back beats and razor sharp Techno, full of energy. Her distinct and driving sets force you head first into the smooth, sleek and velvet-like world that she effortlessly creates, accelerating you through the dark and the deep towards the light, without a hint as to what the hell is about to happen next. What really sets her apart is her devotion to the party, to make people dance and lose themselves in the music along with an irrepressible desire to surprise and entertain them all night . “The feeling of being in the DJ booth is unbelievable, to see the people dancing under the beats you love is totally amazing,” Boryana explains. Actually her main influence who pushed her to electronic music is Vesselin, one of the best and renowned djs in Bulgaria. He has been a constant souce of inspiration from the very first moment she became hooked on the beats. Other djs and producers she admires are Satoshi Tomiie, Pan Pot, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Matador, Lewis Fautzi, Citizen Kain, Mowree. It is at Club Mania in Sunny Beach where she has made certain the dance floor know her name. Located on the Black Sea coastline, this is one of the most highly regarded clubs in the country and it is here that she has learnt her craft alongside an influx of regular international guest DJs including Hector Romero, Marco Carola, Victor Calderone, Desyn Masiello, John Creamer and also the much respected Club Mania residents. Determination is certainly not a quality she can is found lacking in, as her previous calling as a successful electronic music booking agent and promoter of Club Chervilo has shown. Described by her cohorts as “ambitious, tireless and ferociously dedicated”, Boryana is certainly a force to be reckoned with and as her schedule fills up with bookings from across Europe she is surely set to become one of Europe’s hottest DJ properties in 2013. Boryana recorded live at Club Mania, Bulgaria (17 Aug 2012) "It’s a good mix - really well mixed and programmed - sounds like a good set" Slam (Soma) “A really nice mix. Smooth vibes!” Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode) “Had the opportunity to play for the crazy Sunny Beach crew at Club Mania, check out their new resident Boryana’s live mix, good stuff.” Matador (Minus) “Great mix from up and coming Bulgarian talent. Really nice and deep.” Donal McCarthy (Egg London / Life Festival) “We were very excited to add Boryana as our residents at Club Mania. She was joined by many of the techno stalwarts from Matador, Gary Beck, Pan Pot who took the Mania to another level. Boryana will definitely be back next year by popular demand! Shoto (Club Mania / Sunny Beach Bulgaria)

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