Don't Sweat the Technique

Don't Sweat the Technique

"It's weird how two guys from opposite ends of the world, who didn't know much about each other could have such good chemistry" - Mike Deever. Sufyan Al-Hassan and Joel White are your hosts bringing you entertaining conversations about Technology, Art, Music, Sales, Parenthood, Life and More... Stay tuned for special guests! "Joel! First off, your podcast is great! Very entertaining, informative and most of all, pretty hilarious! I have to say your last one was my favourite so far. James the pizza box guy seems like a fun lad!"---Melanie Scott

Episodes: 6


We're Back!

Duration: 1 hr 8 min

The Vacuum

Duration: 1 hr 8 min

Pizza Box Champion!

Duration: 1 hr 19 min


Duration: 1 hr 21 min

The Tangent

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

The White Sofa

Duration: 59 min

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