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Podcasts of Wildemount: BomBARDed

Podcasts of Wildemount: BomBARDed

Listen to the D&D liveplay podcast community telling stories inspired by Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. In this episode, the bards of Chaos Sauce are trying to score a gig at one of the hardest working and rocking venues in Hupperdook, Overdrive. Things get complicated when the performers' permit for Overdrive was stolen by a rival venue, and it's up to Chaos Sauce to recover the permit in exchange for a chance to play the main stage. BomBARDed is an actual-play, Dungeons & Dragons podcast that follows the exploits of three bards and their musical adventures while attending Strumlott's School for Bards. Our cast is made up of musicians from the band Lindby, and we play our instruments at the table when casting our bard spells. Also, once per episode, we roll chord dice together to create a random group song that goes along with what is happening in the story! Kyle Claset - Dungeon Maestro (@boognish_theory) Ali Grant - Yashee Bordun (alibobali_89) Nick Spurrier - Randy Greentrees (basser26) Nick Goodrich - Raz'ul son of Daz'ul (@lindbymusic)

Duration: 48 min

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