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Podcasts of Wildemount: Venture Maidens: National Treasures

Podcasts of Wildemount: Venture Maidens: National Treasures

Listen to the D&D liveplay podcast community telling stories inspired by Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. In this episode, gather round travelers to hear a different tale--our heroes are sent to an entirely different land to locate a missing treasure hunter. Will the many factions of Wildemount interfere with our Maidens' mission? What grand treasure has attracted the attention of an archmage? Can our heroes prove a match against slumbering relics of the Age of Arcanum? Venture Maidens is a veteran all-female and nonbinary 5e D&D actual play podcast set in the homebrew world of The Planes. Our four heroes have been tapped by the fates themselves, and swept into the machinations of a mysterious organization known as the 'Sisters of Sorrow.' Join us for an epic tale full of character-driven role-play, with new episodes posting every other Sunday. Until then, venture away.

Duration: 1 hr 55 min

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