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Season 7 Episode 2: Constant as the Northern Star 2

Season 7 Episode 2: Constant as the Northern Star 2

Any port in a storm? Maybe they should have kept going….GM: AserCrew:Alex as Eris Kamber Bernie as DJ Sow Kim as Avery Belle Megan as Mollie and Moxie Kuznetsov Rob as Sara LeeEdited by Joshua. Find out more on twitter @FireflyPodcast or at our website. Want to support us and get early episodes? Join the Redacted Files Patreon! You can also find us on Discord!Firefly Podcast is now a member of The Redacted Files Podcast Network! Find more from us on our other shows:The Redacted Files - A multisystem Actual Play PodcastThe Amber Clave- a Numenera Actual Play PodcastGold Wings, Black Skies- a streamed Tachyon Squadron showDeniable Operations - a community content feedOur talented crew can be found on other shows. Check out Kim on Misfits of Space and Alex on No Show Radio Podcasts, Soulstory, and The Facades of GodsMusic by Kevin MacLeod, New Hero In Town by Kevin MacLeodLink:

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