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Episode 17: Book Review: Never Eat Alone

Episode 17: Book Review: Never Eat Alone

In episode seventeen of the podcast, Adam Pascarella reviews Keith Ferrazzi’s classic book Never Eat Alone. Adam begins the episode by giving his general impressions of the book (02:08 – 06:39) and some background on Keith Ferrazzi (06:40 – 09:03).  Then, Adam offers his top five insights from the book. He first discusses the importance of not keeping score in new relationships (09:04 – 14:25) and the importance of building your network before you need it (14:26 – 20:11). Adam then delves into the importance of following-up and pinging (20:12 – 25:08) and the value of holding dinner parties to strengthen relationships(25:09 – 29:02). After discussing the importance of being interesting (29:03 – 32:35), Adam offers his concluding thoughts on the book (32:36 – 34:03). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit

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